Forged Together

The Magic of Alchemy

This reality TV series will show the trials and tribulations that couples embark upon in order to accomplish a dream. It will be a test of their love and their resolve and how they join forces with single-mindedness to work together towards accomplishing a common goal. It will test their character and the love that they have for each other, ultimately showing them that if they work together and plan properly that, they will be able to overcome anything.

The Bond

Our couple will travel near and far by airplane, cruise ships, and other various forms of transportation in order to get to the gemstone outlets ,where they will select the various elements that will be added to the forging of their symbolic ring. The couple will learn and share with the various people that they encounter in their travels. The materials will have, symbolic meaning to them and their union. With the guidance of the Master Jeweler and their Guide, we will forge their rings as a sacred symbol of their undying love. This series will have drama, challenging situations, exotic beautiful locations and lessons of life and love.

Forged Together

This series is a unique opportunity to combine known themes that sell, such as drama, adventure, love, travel, education, and to present them with a positive message. Stunning visuals and changing storylines will keep viewers interested in the series. Forged together has all the necessary elements to not only make it a domestic hit, but to also make it an international hit, ensuring that our investors will have many happy returns.