What is Forged Together?

Forged Together is a reality TV series that will highlight a couple or couples embarking upon a dream. We have two storylines to offer the networks to ensure that the series will be picked up. Nothing is more sacred than when two people meet and fall in love hoping to become one with each other. There will be adventure, moments of danger and drama and redemption. It will test their abilities and capabilities to endure various hardships that they will encounter as they work towards completing their goal. Their love for each other will be taken to the breaking point. It will give them life lessons, showing them that if they work together as a team and plan things out, that they can overcome any obstacles that life may put in their path. It will show the trials and tribulations that they must go through in order to complete the dream that they have set forth on.

Who We Are

Gaia Pelikan MG (Master Goldsmith). Gaia Pelikan has over 40 years as an artisan jeweler. He has created and sold many beautiful custom pieces of jewelry for a Who's Who of clients around the world. He was chosen by Lapidary magazine as one of the five top artisan jewelers in the world. He has traveled the world and studied under renowned masters. He has developed his own techniques, blending various metals. Gaia is also an educator who wants to pass on his secret techniques to a newer generation. For a sample of his custom pieces see the participating partner’s page for his website link.

Walter soaring Eagle Koehler is a writer, producer and educator. Walter brings a wealth of experience. He is a Dr. of metaphysics and he brings a unique perspective to this collaboration, having worked with various Masters. He is a seasoned traveler and brings a spiritual side to this production. Walter will be a host and have a reoccurring role in Forged Together, adding one of the spinoff elements to Forged Together.

John Bear Rodriguez is a producer, director and cinematographer. He has worked on several documentaries and a feature film. He has also worked on numerous corporate ads and music videos, featuring such legendary artists as, Carlos Santana, Buddy Miles, John Lee Hooker, The Temptations, Herbie Hancock, The Staple Singers, Bo Diddly, Eartha Kitt and many others. He is currently working on two documentaries, The Healers and the life story of Lee Pennington, educator, poet and documentary filmmaker. He is also working on a thriller that will be made into a series as well. He has put together a very talented crew for the filming of Forged Together.

The Pilot

Pilot episode will show a couple who want to get married but they currently don't have the finances in which to do so. This couple comes from a good family. They have live good lives and they hope to make a difference in the world.

They have limited resources; they help their community, the church and their friends. They sometimes get frustrated, they have misunderstandings but they persevere and continue to move forward. Their family loves and cares very much about them, so they all get together and they hatch a plan to help them with their dream. Various family members and friends pool their money together so that they can help this deserving couple. The family will surprise them with this amazing opportunity to have their dream come true, of, traveling and having the wedding of their dreams. At first they don't want to accept the gift that has been given to them, but the family insists, the couple relents and now their dream begins.