The Financials

You can’t fill it, unless you open it up

The innate social nature of this series will make it compelling to viewers and advertisers. This series will be built for real-time conversations in social media, with its locations and real life stories. This certainly will help nourish the brand. We are gearing it towards that coveted group of 18 to 60 year olds, which replaced the old target group of 18 – 34 year olds, which advertisers are eager to reach. Differing age groups will watch the series for the various elements that interests them. We offer something for everyone.

The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in paradise, which are shows with love and drama as its themes, brought ABC $400 million dollars in advertising during the 2012 to 2015 seasons, sourced from adage.This was only for the advertising dollars, not syndication or merchandising fees, which are very lucrative. The two programs were spinoffs from the principal program, The Bachelor. We see the potential for spinoffs from this program as well, because of some of the interesting core characters that Forged Together will have in it. There will also be some recurring characters that will be spin material as well. The Bachelor is entering its 20th season, it is easy to see that love and drama sells.

A lot of money has been made for the visionary investors that saw the possibilities that The Bachelor program contain. The Bachelor franchise has spawned fantasy leagues, drinking games, and viewing parties around the world. It is also very big in social media circles with former contestants developing their own fan bases. It has passed the test of time. We see Forged Together following in the same direction. A reality TV series is almost always nonunion and much cheaper to produce than a scripted TV program. When it is sold into syndication, which is where sitcoms make the real money, than there's more profit that is generated.Scripted TV shows have to pay residuals, and nonunion shows don't.

We are going to have product integrations from various companies in the series to create additional revenue streams. There are advertisers that are going to want to be a part of the show in order to augment their commercial time. There is currently a blurring between entertainment, news, reality and advertising, the integrations are intended to be symbolic of that shift.

The primary sources of revenue on a TV series are advertising and merchandising sales. Cast and crew get salaries and a cut of the merchandise sales.TV licensing is Hollywood's biggest moneymaker. Virtually all the expenses required to market a television program including tapes and advertising are borne by the licensee, the studios only have to pay the residuals to the guilds and unions which varies between movies and TV and average roughly 10%. The studios get to keep the other 90%.

U. S. network, U. S. cable, syndication, foreign TV, and Internet streaming and VOD, video on demand such as Netflix, Amazon, and HBO now, are outlets that this series can be distributed through. DVD sales offer revenues of two thirds the gross profits. Merchandising is also very lucrative; Star Wars paved that road for everyone. Let us help you to reach your financial dreams by investing in the reality TV series Forged Together.